OS X tools & utils


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Use this tool to clean up all useless files on your Mac.
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Another great tool to clean up all useless files on your Mac.
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If you have replaced the HDD from your Mac by a new SSD, you will need this tool to enable TRIM on your brand new SSD.
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A very useful archive file manager and free of charge. Very useful to open al the most common archives files like .zip, .rar, .7z, etc…
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Probably one of the best image retouch software able to open .psd files.


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A very good FTP, SFTP client available for free.
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A very useful tool to create bootable installation of OS X on USB stick, SD card or any other storage device.
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Probably the best screen capture and video montage on OS X. Capture, add titles, add transitions and export to any format you want.
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A very good images viewer, compatible with many image file format. Available on the Mac App Store.
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If you want to be anonymous while surfing the Internet Tor is for you. Based on the famous Firefox browser.


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One of the best video viewer available for free on the web.
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A very small but very efficient tool to lock your computer when you leave it for a minute.
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If your are looking for the best backup and cloning solution on Mac OS, this is it.