OS X advanced tasks


Lear how to enable these two features that will allow you to remotely connect to another Mac with Apple Terminal or with Apple Remote Desktop.
Learn how to connect to another Mac with Apple Remote Desktop. This will allow you to remotely manage, install applications, copy files or folders or even applications.
Learn how to copy files, install new applications or deploy application packages.
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Lear how to remotely connect to another Mac via the Terminal. Apple OS X is a UNIX based operating system and like any UNIX system, SSH is available in standard.
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This is not a tutorial but a list of the most used and useful Apple Terminal command lines. Some of these commands are also available on UNIX/Linux systems.


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Use Microsoft Remote Desktop client to connect from your Mac to a Windows computer.
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Learn how to create an OS X Yosemite bootable installation media. Very easy and efficient and useful if you need to reinstall your system.
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Learn how to setup network priority via the “System Preferences” network configuration. Very useful if your Mac is connected via WiFi and via network cable.
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Learn how to use the “softwareupdate” command in the Terminal. Very useful to update Macs without being in front of the computer.
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Learn how to show informations about you drives.


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Learn how to reboot your Mac in Target Disk Mode”. Very useful to migrate data from one Mac to another.
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How to create a network mobile managed user account from Active Directory
Lear how to create a mobile user after your Mac has been added to Microsoft Active Directory.