How to create a window login banner in OS X

In Mac OS X, you can display a banner at the login window that requires all users to acknowledge before login into the system, such as a user access policy.

Use the following steps to create a login banner.

- Start “
TextEdit” and create your document with text and images.
- Save your document as “
PolicyBanner.rtfd” (rich text format directory: this format supports pictures in the text file)

When you are done creating your banner, press “shift++G” to open the Finder “Go To Folder” window and type “/Library/Security/“ and click the “Go” button.

Copy your “PolicyBanner.rtfd” file.

When you file has been copied, start the “Terminal” and type the following command to allow all users to read and execute your file.
sudo chmod -R o=rx /Library/Security/PolicyBanner.rtfd
Now, you can log out from your Mac and you will see the Login Policy Banner.